Steven Zelich

Suitcase murder plea

A former police officer pleaded not guilty to two counts of hiding a corpse when he appeared in court in Wisconsin today.

Body Mistaken for Mannequin

Body mistaken for mannequin

Workers hired to clean out a vacant house in Florida, threw out what they thought was a mannequin. Turns out, it was a body!

Pot Money

$17,000, pot seized

Westfield detectives seized more than $17,000 in cash from an apparent marijuana dealer.

Charlie Bothuell IV

Basement child hearing

The parents of Charlie Bothuell, the 12-year-old who went missing for several days and was eventually found in the basement of his father's …

Hidden Camera at Scout Camp

Hidden camera at scout camp

A worker at a Cub Scout Camp in Central Texas has been arrested after a camera was found in a staff shower and some individuals were videota…


Robbery hostage killed

A bank robbery goes horribly wrong after three gunman take hostages and police on a chase with bullets flying, leaving one hostage and two s…

lethal injection

Lethal injection problems

Now that certain drugs that had been used in executions are no longer available, Virginia is looking at its lethal injection protocol.

Joy Riding Kids

Joy riding kids

A nine year old and his four year old partner in crime/cousin strike again. The duo are busted for a second time stealing a car and taking i…

Fashion Show Shooting

Fashion Show Shooting

A gunman is still at large after opening fire on another man inside a crowded mall being used for a fashion show.