Granby man arraigned in child porn case

A former Springfield College employee has been arraigned on child pornography charges. David Linnehan is also accused of stealing personal p…

Scrapper caught on camera charged

A great deal of metal items of all descriptions are stolen – from work sites, backyards and the outside storage areas of many kinds of busin…

Deadly dose behind bars

Authorities say two New York inmates who suddenly died in their jail cell back in December, died from a combination of heroin and Fentanyl.

Burglary bleach attack

Knife-wielding burglar douses woman with bleach after ransacking her home.

Long awaited reunion

18-years after he was taken by his mother to Mexico, an Indiana man returns for reunion with dad.

On the run

Florida man in handcuffs, makes a break and runs from police booking center.

Power Plant Terror

Authorities now say a sniper was behind an April attack of 17 electrical transformers in Southern California. They’re now treating the incid…

Fish foils burglar

Bait shops singing “Big Mouth Billy Bass” scares off would-be robber.

$6 million violin stolen, 3 arrested

Three people are in custody in connection with a stolen Stradivarius violin in Milwaukee. However, the violin is still missing, and a $100,0…