Demetrice Hall

Jet stowaway busted

Man caught attempting to hide in wheel well of JetBlue plane at Orlando International Airport.

Raymond Johnson

Caught on Camera: Jail Brawl

Carnival worker accused of sexual assault severely beaten in two incidents inside New Mexico jail.

Liquor supplied, supplier charged

The manager of a Westfield pizzeria has been charged after he told police that he purchased alcohol for a 19-year-old employee.

bodies found

Bodies found bound & naked

Police in Jacksonville, Florida work to find killer of two young women found bound and naked near highway overpass.

Mitchell Ruble

Cold case cracked

Former Ohio deputy charged with 1981 murder of his former superior officer.

spear stabbing

Thief on a stick!

Texas homeowner recounts stabbing burglar with spear after same suspect evaded police in high-speed chase.


Man loses job for stealing cans

A Westfield man has lost his job after he was found to be stealing empty bottles and cans from his employer.