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Fugitives surrender

WESTFIELD, Mass. (the Westfield News) – Two fugitives who had been wanted by police to answer charges of home invasion and assault and batte…

Michael Allen Duran, 29, Vincent James Hendren, 30, and Evan DiGiovanni, 31

“I felt violated”

Men face multiple charges after drunkenly spitting on ROTC volunteer at Arizona golf tournament.

body parts raid

William Pitts

Federal investigators aren’t releasing details on last week’s raid of an Arizona body donation center.

victims mom

A Mother’s Nightmare

The mother of teen shot by police at a high school in Hawaii Tuesday talks about her son’s mental health issues.


Airbag deployed, driver denies crash

A Westfield State student who drove away after smashing his pickup truck into a Franklin Street utility pole attempted to brazen it out when…

granby emd center

Granby dispatch center earns distinction

The Granby Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Center is the first in western Massachusetts, and just one of three in the entire state, to be a…

cop indicted

Officer indicted

Charlotte police officer will stand trial for voluntary manslaughter after shooting unarmed accident victim to death.

Daniel Chafe

15 years on the run

Oregon fugitive accused of multiple sex crimes found in Montana after years in hiding.

heroin overdoses

Heroin deaths spike

At least 22 people have died in western Pennsylvania over the last week after mixing heroin and Fentanyl.