cnn sex shop robbery

Man arrested for stealing sex toys

A man is accused of stealing adult toys and it was caught on camera. A burglary suspect did as he “pleased” and threw a big rock through the…

Jose Cosme (L) & Savier Cosme (R) (Photo Credit: The Westfield News)

Brother takes rap, gets probation

A Westfield man escaped prosecution when his brother took the rap for ten pounds of marijuana city police found when they searched their apa…

scared to snitch

Scared to Snitch

Multiple people witness caught-on-camera shooting in Stockton, California, but no one is talking.

burglar break in

Burrowing Burglar

Burglar breaks through store malls of strip mall and hits a handful of businesses.

Baker warrant

Singing lawsuit blues

An arrest warrant has been issued for singer/songwriter Anita Baker. The warrant was issued after Baker didn’t show up for a court hearing i…

horse abuse

Abused horses rescued

Ohio SPCA rescues six horses who were left to fend for themselves this winter.