Westfield Police Department

Woman charged with animal cruelty

A woman is facing a felony charge of cruelty to an animal after she allegedly poured bleach over her boyfriend’s dog and left the dog to soa…

kids abandoned

Youth group abandoned

Man accused of promising Wisconsin Christian youth group a trip to the Super Bowl, then abandoning them in Pennsylvania.

Jeno Mouton

TSA officer makes threat

A veteran of the Transportation Security Administration is charged with making terroristic threats.

cops vs crows

Cops vs. Crows

Police officers in Idaho under fire for killing crows that have taken over a store parking lot.

cara rintala in court

Back to work for Rintala case jurors

One week after the end of closing arguments, jurors will continue deliberations Tuesday in the murder retrial of Cara Rintala.

Judge Mary Lou Rup presiding at the murder re-trial of Cara Rintala.

Still no verdict in Rintala case

Jurors in the Cara Rintala murder retrial have still not reached a verdict after five days of deliberations.

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Protect your 401k from thieves

You may pay a lot of attention to credit and debit card data breaches, but how can you be sure your retirement money is safe from fraudsters…

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Gun task force releases recommendations

All private firearms sales should be completed through a licensed dealer, live-fire training should be required for those seeking a license.