armored truck

“Heavy Steel”

Truck stolen in Texas recovered in Mexico after being converted into “armored tank”.

stash house

Stash house bust

Authorities in Texas find more than 100 people, presumed undocumented workers, in a Houston home.

Man steals 460,000 dollars in quarters

It’s not the first time a government employee has lined his own pockets with public money, but one man is raising eyebrows after admitting t…

kidnapping plot

Facebook kidnapping foiled

Three teens will be charged as adults and face possible life sentences for allegedly planning and attempting to carry out an elaborate kidna…

tipsy toddler

Tipsy toddler leads to arrest

A Texas mother and aunt are arrested after a 23 month old girl is found suffering from alcohol poisoning.

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CT student faces hazing charge

A University of Hartford student is facing charges for an off campus hazing incident that police say got way out of hand. Police say the haz…