krqe sex on the bus

Bus driver caught in sex act on bus

The video shows a veteran bus driver who got way too comfortable on the job. He was caught right in the middle of a sex act with a passenger…

Westfield District Court

Addict arraigned for October thefts

The tenacious work of a Westfield detective has resulted in the arrest and arraignment who allegedly stole his neighbors’ jewelry to support…

23-year-old student accused of making online threats

Online threats probed

University of Washington student investigated after praising Elliott Rodger, vowing to carry out his own killing spree.

dashcam pursuit

Cops threatened after chase

Man who led police on 125 mph chase threatens to target officers’ families, blow up police station.


Social media used to catch shoplifter

A shoplifter stole $200 in merchandise from two stores including a $50 red dress. The shoplifter was caught red handed on the security camer…