Creating a Professional Online Presence

Now more than ever it is important to be mindful of how you come across online and moreover, imperative to take an active role in what is ma…

Seth Glier rocks Studio 1A

Gammy nominated singer songwriter Seth Glier has been around the world performing, and he’s a western Mass native.

Men’s haircuts and styles

If you’re looking for a new men’s haircut, but aren’t sure what will best suit you, we’ve got you covered!

De-clutter your home and your mind

Whether it’s the pile on our bedroom floors, our desks, our kitchen counters or in our laundry room, clutter is stressful!

Pretty panel: winged eye liner

Pretty panel showed how to use liquid eyeliner and apply a “winged eyeliner” using tape, black eye shadow, and lots of practice!

Prom makeup tips!

It’s almost prom season, and if you’re looking for ways to do your own makeup and still look glamorous, we’ve got tips for you!

La Dermique: BodyTite

Tighten and tone your body with a unique and extremely effective procedure!

DIY tick spray & avocado hair mask

It’s time to spring clean our skin, and learn how to make great products that will help outdoors and make our skin feel great!

Dry brushing

Dry brushing is a technique you can do to your skin to increase circulation, blood flow, and relax yourself in just a few minutes a day!