Summer event planning

Is your summer in need of a makeover? Celebrity Event Planner Anthony Taccetta from Anthony Taccetta Event Designs showed us some tips to sp…


What is Reiki?

Reiki. What is it? And how can it help you?


Sleep tips: dreaming

We all have dreams, but not everyone necessarily remembers them. Dr. Siegfried Haug, author of “I Want to Sleep” gave us tips on remembering…


Instilling kindness in children

With the world we are living in today, it’s important to emphasize the significance of being kind to our children. Chrissy Khachane, Educati…

diy dec

DIY decorative organizers

Malena Chipps, Co-owner of Fancy That Antiques showed us how to make our own decorative organizers using cardboard boxes!


Sleep & Weight Loss

Tips to improve sleeping habits that help with weight loss.


Workout tips for women

There are a lot of misconceptions that come along with women and working out.


Core workouts

Different core workouts you can do either at the gym, or right in the convenience of your own home!