Take a trip to Tanglewood!

Lauren visited Tanglewood for a preview of all that the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Summer home has to offer!

2nd Annual Alysha’s Walk for Life

Alysha’s Walk for Life brings people together to bring awareness to ovarian cancer, a disease that claims nearly 15,000 women’s live a year.

Get the entire family in your next photo!

Whether it’s taking a family photo on your summer vacation, or snapping pictures at a party, there’s always one person in the family left ou…

It’s your turn, take the mic!

In an effort to empower, build confidence, and increase self esteem in young women, the “It’s Your Turn, Take the Mic” program was developed…

Be Legendary Lacrosse Family Fun Day

Learn about an event and program started by two 11 year old girls to honor a friend’s uncle and help underprivileged children play sports

Chicopee DownTown GetDown

Learn how you can go enjoy the festivities at the Chicopee DownTown GetDown and support Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen!

Swing dance lesson!

Learn the popular dance that started during the 1920s that still holds up today!

Breakfast All Day!

A delicious breakfast is no longer just for mornings!

DIY succulent vase

Learn to make your own container to hold your succulents!