Yoga & Animal Poses

Postures in yoga are named after things in nature, things we see out in the world….animals, stars, planets, sometimes mythology and storytel…

DIY Easter decorations

Nothing is better during the holidays than spending time with family and having a blast.

Easter tablescape inspiration

If you’re in charge of this year’s family Easter celebrations, wow your guests by doing these simple things

Dogs & Toddlers

There are over 70 million nice dogs in the USA. But any dog can bite.

Aromatherapy pillows

If you’re feeling stressed out and need to unwind, try making aromatherapy pillows!

Kids & Managing Stress

Adults can process stress, but kids don’t always know what to make of a stressful situation.

De-clutter your home and your mind

Whether it’s the pile on our bedroom floors, our desks, our kitchen counters or in our laundry room, clutter is stressful!