“Ride-to-Remember” Fundraiser

An evening of great entertainment all while helping a good cause, the “Vegas Legends” night at the Hu Ke Lau raises money for the “Ride-to-R…

ma tibetan dance

Tibetan Dance Demonstration

It’s a traditional dance that’s still performed today. The Tibetan group “Tashi Shoeba” danced for everyone in Studio 1A.

ma pad thai

Chicken Pad Thai

A traditional dish that’s easier than you think. Vakny Chonmany the “Muay Thai Pad Thai Master” showed us how to make Pad Thai.

ma paper lanterns origami

Paper Lanterns & Origami

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. Brandy Vu and Nana Le joined us in studio, and showed us how to make Paper Lanterns & Origami …

ma prom hairstyles makeup

Prom hairstyle & makeup trends

It’s officially prom season! Fred Hawck, Michaela Murray and Sadie Barrera from Wicked Salon in West Springfield joined us to show you hair …


The truth about sugar addiction

Are you addicted to sugar? Can’t stop dreaming of chocolate, ice cream and other sweet treats? Find out how one local woman beat her sugar a…


How to wear your inner sparkle

Fashion allows us the opportunity to reflect our personality through outfits and accessories. How can you wear your inner sparkle on the out…