14th Annual WMAS Radiothon

Now’s your chance to help raise money to support children’s health programs and services at Baystate hospitals throughout Western Massachuse…


Remembering Cory Garwacki

Cory Garwacki’s memory was honored at the annual 94.7 WMAS Radiothon after spending much of his life being treated at Baystate Children’ s h…


94.7 WMAS Radiothon: Luke's story

17-month old Luke DeMarco, passed away from Stage 4 liver and lung cancer last March. His grandmother Susan Jenson shared his incredible sto…


94.7 WMAS Radiothon: JoeJoe's story

JoeJoe was diagnosed when he was just a few days old with transient myeloproliferative disorder (TMD), a bone marrow disorder that affects c…


94.7 WMAS Radiothon: Brianna's story

Brianna Lawlor, now 20, was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia when she was four years old. Here her inspiring story and how you can help…


Health benefits of chocolate

Your sweet tooth might actually improve your health. 22News Registered Dietitian Nancy Dell, shared why you can eat chocolate everyday.

keeping brain

Keeping your brain healthy

We all want to stay sharp as we get older, but how can we keep our brains healthy? Dr. Rob Robinson, Clinical Director of Family Care Counse…

low cost

Weekly low-cost vaccine clinics at Dakin

If you have a dog or cat, but you’re struggling to pay for their vaccinations, there’s a weekly low-cost vaccine clinic available at Dakin H…

fun indoor

Fun indoor winter activities for kids

With all the snowstorms we’ve been getting this winter, being snowed in with nothing to do can be a real bummer…especially for kids!