“Ride-to-Remember” Fundraiser

An evening of great entertainment all while helping a good cause, the “Vegas Legends” night at the Hu Ke Lau raises money for the “Ride-to-R…

ma tibetan dance

Tibetan Dance Demonstration

It’s a traditional dance that’s still performed today. The Tibetan group “Tashi Shoeba” danced for everyone in Studio 1A.

ma pad thai

Chicken Pad Thai

A traditional dish that’s easier than you think. Vakny Chonmany the “Muay Thai Pad Thai Master” showed us how to make Pad Thai.

ma paper lanterns origami

Paper Lanterns & Origami

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. Brandy Vu and Nana Le joined us in studio, and showed us how to make Paper Lanterns & Origami …

ma prom hairstyles makeup

Prom hairstyle & makeup trends

It’s officially prom season! Fred Hawck, Michaela Murray and Sadie Barrera from Wicked Salon in West Springfield joined us to show you hair …