hot chocolate run

Join the 'Hot Chocolate Run'

Help survivors of domestic violence, their children, friends, and families by running & enjoying hot chocolate!

masterpiece ball

The 2016 WGBY Masterpiece Ball

You can enjoy a five course dinner, wine, music, dancing and more at the 2016 WGBY Masterpiece Ball in January.

holiday updo

Easy, elegant holiday up-do's

Easy to do and incredibly impressive, we’ve got quick up-do’s that will wow everyone at the party this holiday season!

dressing up

Dressing up for a holiday party

Simple, key pieces that you have in your closet could be used to attend anything from a home party to a cocktail party.

best gift

Give the best gift: YOU

You can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on gifts this season, but the best gift you can give is the gift of a better you.

holiday decorating

Holiday decorating on a dime

Inexpensive, festive and incredibly simple to create…we’ve got ideas to decorate on a dime!

black friday

Black Friday Workouts

Feel great while you’re waiting in line to hit the stores on Black Friday!