savory berry dishes

Savory berry dishes

Instead of using fresh berries in cakes and pies, how about using your berries in a savory way?

bride makeup

Bridal hair and makeup inspiration

There are many details to think about as you prepare to get married, but quite possibly the most important of them all? How you feel about y…

pink lemonade pie

Pink lemonade pie

Pink Lemonade Pie is the perfect summertime dessert because you don’t need an oven or a stove to make it!

makeup last all day

Make your makeup last all day

Have you ever spent ages applying your makeup in the morning, and then come home later that day to see raccoon eyes?

perfect curl

How to achieve the perfect curl

From ringlets to soft waves, curling rods to flat irons, there are many different types of curls and tools to achieve them.