navy bean

Senate Navy Bean Soup

Senate bean soup is a soup that’s served in the dining room of the United States Senate every day, in a tradition that dates back to the ear…

comm teen

Communicating with your teenager

Communicating with your teenage son or daughter can be a challenge, especially since teens are often temperamental and unwilling to talk!

social media

Social media & college applications

Valedictorians may be rejected for college admission for what they put on their Facebook page or what they say on Twitter.


Unlocking your psychic ability

Imagine expanding your senses so much that you pick up and feel situations and opportunities before they even happen.


Current trends in wedding flowers

From pastels to primary, bouquets to centerpieces, flowers help to set the mood and create the perfect environment on your wedding day!

start business

Starting a home-based business

Have you ever dreamed about starting your own home-based business? It might be easier than you think!


Turkey dinner casserole with Ann Macey

Some people look forward to turkey leftovers nearly as much as they do Thanksgiving dinner! Ann Macey, Author of Ann’s Table for Two, showed…