National Radon Awareness Month

January is radon awareness month, but what exactly is radon and how can we keep ourselves and loved ones safe?

Fun Halloween antiques

Antiques are especially popular around Halloween time because the old look of these vintage pieces can give your home a fun spooky vibe!

Safety & Your Pets

Learn more about our furry friends and everything Dakin has to offer!

Adding ferns to your yard!

Adding ferns to your yard can cut down on your mowing time and give your home a whole new dimension.

Donate Your Unused Items!

Is your garage or basement overflowing with items that you no longer use, but are too good to throw away? By donating these items, you can s…

Make Your Own Curtains!

New curtains can change the whole look of a room, but if you can’t find the ones you want, try making them yourself!