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Herbs A-Z: 'U' herbs

Learn more about Unicorn Root, Urtica dioca (Stinging Nettles), Ulmus fulva (Slippery Elm) & Uva Ursi.

far away

Helping your loved one from far away

The reality is, the elderly need help and support to complete everyday tasks. More and more adults are caring for their aging parent or love…


The "dementia friendly" experience

Many communities are making their towns and cities “Dementia Friendly”, and that begins with understanding what it’s like to have dementia.


Proper footwear for running

Whether you plan to run a 5K or take a brisk walk around the neighborhood, you want to be sure you are wearing the proper footwear!

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Herbs A-Z: 'T' herbs

Our series on ‘Herbs: A to Z’ continues with herbs that begin with the letter ‘T.’ Learn more about Tarragon, Tea, Thyme and Turmeric.

kids violence

Talking to children about violence

High profile acts of violence, particularly in schools, can confuse and frighten children who may feel in danger. But how should parents tal…