Proper form for basic exercises

It’s Fitness Friday! It’s important to exercise not just for weight loss, but for overall well-being.

Exercises to target belly fat

If you are in a constant battle with belly bulge, we’ve got simple exercises to target your core!

Black Friday Workouts

Feel great while you’re waiting in line to hit the stores on Black Friday!

Using props for yoga practice

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Outdoor picnic table workout

Build muscle and burn calories with a full body workout…no fancy equipment or props necessary!

Tips for calorie burning at the Big E

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Simple posture improvement exercises

Do you slouch when you’re standing…if you do, we’re going to share some easy exercises you can do to improve your posture!

Cardio boxing workout for beginners

Boxing is a great cardio workout that can increase your strength, endurance and speed. Rob Guiry, ‘Biggest Loser’ Season 16 finalist, shared…

Pump up your pecs

Doing a push up correctly can help all you guys out there pump up your chest muscles!