Fashion tips for plus size women

Dressing to express your personality is important, as well as choosing the right fit and how to use color and patterns to conceal and flatte…

Hiring a personal stylist

Many people think that only celebrities have personal stylists, but that isn’t necessarily true!

5th Annual 'I Am Me' Kid's Fashion Show

You can help inspire inner city youth to follow their dreams this Saturday at the 5th annual Strong Young Minds “I Am Me Kid’s Fashion Show”…

Dressing up for a holiday party

Simple, key pieces that you have in your closet could be used to attend anything from a home party to a cocktail party.

Eliminating fitting room drama

Women commonly find the process of trying on clothing to be the most stressful part of shopping experience.

Grow your best beard

You can raise awareness for MoVember by growing out your beard!

Take your outfit from blah to brilliant

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Creating a 'dopp' kit

Next time you plan a weekend away, make sure you have everything you need in your ‘dopp’ kit.

Must-have fall fashion trends

Texture, Belts, Burgundy, Exposed Zippers… are you ready to rock fall’s hottest fashion trends?