Tailgating in Style

Up your tailgating with these simple style and comfort tips!

Fabric collage belts!

We love to up-cycle on Mass Appeal and Frisky Furnishing’s Laura Bundesen showed us how to take scrap fabrics and make a collage belt!

High heel and flip flop concerns

Ladies out there, It’s time to listen up! We all love putting on a sexy pair of heels for a girls night out, or some fancy flip flops to wea…

Bridesmaids dresses made easy

When it comes to planning a wedding, stress adds up fast. Choosing one dress to please all of your bridesmaids is difficult. Beth Chapman, S…

Back-to-school fashion

When it comes to back to school, one of the biggest stressors is figuring out what to wear on the first day of school. Fashion Expert Trish …