Teaching Kids Gratitude

Teaching your kids to say please and thank you isn’t as easy as it seems.

diy cleaning

DIY Household Cleaning Products!

Window cleaner, furniture polish, all-purpose cleaners, everyday household cleaners can really add up, so why not make your own instead?


Check out a dog show!

Bring your pooches, stuffed or real because it’s that time for the The Pioneer Valley Kennel Club’s Dog Show!

safety pets

Safety & Your Pets

Learn more about our furry friends and everything Dakin has to offer!

pool safety

Tips for water safety at a pool or beach

This month is all about summer safety and when it comes to your kids, safety is the most important thing! But how can we ensure our kids are…


Teach your pet new games

Does your dog have too much energy? Are they always looking for new challenges?


Check Out the CT Dino Trail!

If your family loves dinosaurs, you can have an amazing dinosaur-themed adventure at the Connecticut Dinosaur Trail this summer!

summer dog safety

Summer Dog Safety

It’s important to keep your pet safe this summer.

kids safe

Keeping Kids Safe on Family Vacations

Family vacations are great opportunities to make lasting memories and bring the whole family closer together. But you want to be prepared wh…