Disciplining your child/teen

How do you keep a 1-year-old from heading toward the DVD player? What should you do when your preschooler throws a fit? How can you get a te…

eating healthy

Eating healthy while traveling

It’s tough to stick to a diet regimen when you’re traveling and dining out, but it’s not impossible!

low cost

Weekly low-cost vaccine clinics at Dakin

If you have a dog or cat, but you’re struggling to pay for their vaccinations, there’s a weekly low-cost vaccine clinic available at Dakin H…

fun indoor

Fun indoor winter activities for kids

With all the snowstorms we’ve been getting this winter, being snowed in with nothing to do can be a real bummer…especially for kids!

tie dye

Snow tie-dye tips

It’s not just for the warmer months — tie dye is a fun activity year round!