DIY decorative organizers

Malena Chipps, Co-owner of Fancy That Antiques showed us how to make our own decorative organizers using cardboard boxes!

DIY waterproof beach tote

It’s the perfect season to get outside and go to the beach. Getting everything you need for the beach can get expensive, but it doesn’t have…

DIY simple summer sundress

It’s the perfect season to up cycle fabrics and make our own clothing! Being stylish doesn’t have to be expensive, and Tess Poe showed us ho…

DIY water marbling

Water Marbling is a DIY technique which uses water, spray paints, and other paints to make designs for surfaces like wallets, glassware, and…

DIY beaded jewelry

Everyone loves a good DIY project, especially when you can wear it.

DIY chair planter

Who doesn’t love taking old things and making them into new and exciting items for our homes.

UpCycling fashion into the future

Fast fashion and disposable clothing result in Americans discarding, on average, 80 pounds of textile waste per person per year.


Dr. Dean, author of the new book “Creating Abstract Art” explores a broad spectrum of visual interpretations of “me, myself, and I”. Going b…

Summer Electricity Savings Tips

What if I told you there was a way to blast your air conditioner all summer and not have to pay more for it?

Detoxifying your home

The air we breathe inside our homes is often worse than the air outside.

Organizing your music

Do you have old CD’s laying around that you never use? Transfer them to your computer!