pill bottle

Potent new painkiller

Powerful new painkiller Zohydro hits the market this month, but critics are fighting to get the FDA to reverse its approval of the drug.

bad medicine

Bad medicine

Kentucky school forces wrong 3rd grader to take prescription medication, despite his objections.

sleepy kids

America’s sleepy kids

New survey finds American children aren't getting enough sleep, and electronic devices are to blame.

ron cochran

That dying patient could have been me

I have been a respiratory therapist for 25 years. I have seen what poor lifestyle choices can do to a person. You'd think that would have gi…

cnn dogs and diseases

Using pets to find cures for diseases

Imagine using pets to find a cure for cancer, or any other disease. That's what researchers and doctors are doing at Penn Vet in Philadelphi…

rare disease day

Children face rare diseases with bravery

The fact that Sam Brinneman, 16, is alive and well is inspiring all on its own, says his mom, Chris. The Brinnemans knew something was wrong…

cnn gym boredom

Beating gym boredom

Bored with the gym? Not motivated to break a sweat? Skipping workouts, even quitting altogether? If this sounds like you, there's help.