Aquarium pumps saving babies’ lives

Using aquarium pumps, the students have designed a low-cost (around $350) version of a breathing device called a bubble CPAP, or Continuous …

medical mystery

A true medical mystery

Just a few years ago, Patrick Berton was a typical healthy teenager. Suddenly his health declined and after seeing countless doctors not one…

mini pacemaker

Tiny pacemaker offers big hope

Michigan cardiologist is one of the first in the nation to insert miniature pacemaker in patient without surgery.

kidney sale

For Sale: Healthy Kidney

Unemployed Florida woman strapped for cash decides to try and sell her kidney on craigslist.

chicken fire

Fowl on fire

Crews discover nearly 100 birds inside a home during a routine fire call.

speed reading

Speed reading apps

Reading a full novel in 90 minutes? It may be possible with the speed reading apps that are now available.


No two strokes are alike: My story

In the United States, someone has a stroke about every 40 seconds. And about a quarter of those people have had a stroke before.

White gift

Shaun White’s special delivery

Snowboarder Shaun White responds to letter from young Minnesota boy who shares the same type of heart condition why special gifts.