teen behavior

Teens & Risky Behavior

New CDC report finds teens are smoking less, but other risky behaviors are on the rise.

rare twins

Twins born weeks apart

Boston doctors used a rarely used procedure, delivering twins 24 days apart. One was delivered and the other was given much needed time to k…

ground beef

Is red meat linked to breast cancer?

You may have heard the warning before that red meat is linked to colon or pancreas cancer. 22News looks into a new study that found a link b…

skin moles

Moles may predict breast cancer risk

Experts don't think moles cause breast cancer. Instead the link may have something to do with estrogen and sex hormones, researchers say.


No more excuses: Take a day off

See a rough patch coming up? Now is the time to schedule a three-day weekend or two. That way, your colleagues can plan around it.