How heroin kills you

Using heroin can kill you, but it may not be in the way you think. If Philip Seymour Hoffman did die from using heroin, his death was atypic…

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New anti-smoking ads to target teens

The Food and Drug Administration is launching a new multi-million dollar anti-smoking campaign. 22News looks at who those ads will be target…

Former heroin addict: It pulled me in

I went from heroin addict to PTA mom

Tracey Helton Mitchell says her drug addiction spiraled after she was given painkillers. She says she wound up homeless in San Francisco's T…

tie tribute

Classmates “tied” together

Elementary school students and teachers wear ties to show support for classmate as he undergoes life-changing surgery.

responders app

Finding first responders

New app helps turn bystanders into first responders in the event of a heart attack.