Younger adults hit hard by the flu

Young adults and baby boomers were hardest hit during this winter's flu season. 22News found out that's the group least likely to have had a…

doll diabetes

A doll like me

Girl starts international petition for doll company to make diabetic doll accessories.


Flu hitting young people harder this year

People between the ages of 18 and 64 represent 61% of all influenza-related hospitalizations recorded during the current flu season; a signi…


Hard-Hitting Flu

"Swine flu" is back and is hitting young, otherwise healthy adults hard this year.

olympic training

How to train like an Olympian

Though most of us will never make an Olympic team we can borrow a few training tips from these world class athletes and, like them, get the …


Mammograms: Are they needed or not?

Simply finding cancer is not proof of a test's benefit. One must find the cancer, provide treatment and demonstrate that patients who would …


What your IQ score doesn’t tell you

What your specific numerical score means depends on the test you take. IQ is really a measure of how well you do on a test compared with oth…


Ultrasound steaks

Ranchers are using ultrasound to help get better steaks from their cattle.

high ldl

Genetic High LDL

Knowing your cholesterol levels may not be enough to prevent heart attacks. Genetic defects play a part in dangerous cholesterol levels in s…

cnn food heart health

Food that’s better for your heart

February is Heart Month, a good time to be thinking of your heart and how to keep it healthy. Looking for easy ways to keep it pumping? Look…


House calls to the homeless

Dr. Jim Withers has been tending to medical needs of Pittsburgh's homeless for 20 years . Withers' program has become a model for "street do…