Oregon sues 5-Hour Energy over ad claims

The lawsuit contends 5-Hour Energy falsely claims customers get extra energy and focus from a unique blend of ingredients, when the boost ac…


Can heart attack damage be reversed?

Like re-charging a battery, the infusion of new cells seems to trigger the body to produce new tissue: new muscle and blood cells.

niacin danger

The dangers of niacin

Doctors have been prescribing Niacin for decades but new research suggests Niacin may contribute to early deaths.

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Veterans waiting longer for cancer care

The researchers found that waits from cancer diagnosis to surgery were longer at VA centers for all cancer types when compared with waits fo…

hundreds sickened

Hundreds sickened

Hundreds of people are sick after swimming in a lake in Washington.

3D mammograms

3D mammograms helping to save lives

New 3D mammography gives a better image than a traditional mammogram and especially helps detect cancers in women with dense breast tissue.

mayo clinic

Best hospitals ranked for 2014

The yearly analysis specifically looks at the best medical centers for patients with life-threatening or rare conditions.


Playing games boosts your brain volume

Middle-aged people who were avid game-players (think crosswords, checkers, cards) tended to have bigger brains than people who did not play …