Common chemicals challenge sperm

Your endocrine system regulates hormones. These hormones control everything from your metabolism to your sleep cycle to your reproductive sy…

red wine research

Red wine letdown

Research suggests normal intake of the key antioxidant found in red wine won't do anything to cut the risk for heart disease or cancer.


Keeping your pet fit and healthy

If you think you spent a lot of time on the couch this winter, imagine how all of that time indoors affected your dog. Packing on a few poun…

artificial dna

New life engineered with artificial DNA

"This is the first experimental demonstration that life can exist with information that's not coded the way nature does (it)," said Floyd Ro…

older moms

Older moms on the rise

Mother's Day

The continuing trend of women waiting until later in their childbearing years to start families.

MGNOnline/ Parenting Magazine

Staying fit after giving birth

Being a mother sure can be busy, but experts say exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone, and new moms are no exception.