migraine headache

Two new drugs help treat migraines

There is exciting news for the estimated 12% of Americans who suffer from migraines. New treatments are being tested that may help prevent t…


Designers unite to end HIV transmission

The New York-based charity Born Free is teaming up with top names in the fashion and beauty industries to raise money to stop mother-child t…


Buzz Worthy… Seven Year Itch?

Researchers in England have found that the average man keeps a pair of underwear for 7 years and 22 percent of the men admit to not changing…

migraine headache

New migraine treatments show promise

Studies presented Tuesday at the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting suggest that two new drugs may prevent migraines from happen…


Eat veggies, live longer

New study finds eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables each day will prolong your life.