Cleaning up your genetic code

Experimental gene therapy has advanced in recent years to treat blindness and Parkinson’s disease in people. Current therapies strap “good” …

concussion machine

Analyzing Concussions

New instrument is revolutionizing the way doctors analyze possible concussions.

cnn exercise excuses

Dealing with exercise excuses

A combination of muscle-strengthening exercises and aerobic is ideal. Sometimes it is easier said than done and we find excuses, or barriers…

healing surgery

Less pain, shorter recovery

Today, when a surgeon operates on a tumor, it’s difficult for him or her to distinguish between cancerous cells and healthy cells. But what …

3d printing organs

Creating body parts from dust

It’s called bioprinting, and it is one of medicine's most exciting frontiers. Eventually these machines could be used to print fully functio…

woman bicycling

No willpower required

In the future, fitness might not be so difficult. Experts are working to change our environment so that the healthy choice is the easy choic…


Safer ways to fight cancer

In the last five years the Food and Drug Administration has approved more than 20 targeted cancer therapies for tumors with specific genetic…

medication chip

Just give it to me in a chip

Scientists are working to develop microchips that can be preloaded with medications and implanted in our bodies, programmed to administer dr…

migraine headache

Two new drugs help treat migraines

There is exciting news for the estimated 12% of Americans who suffer from migraines. New treatments are being tested that may help prevent t…


Designers unite to end HIV transmission

The New York-based charity Born Free is teaming up with top names in the fashion and beauty industries to raise money to stop mother-child t…