White gift

Shaun White’s special delivery

Snowboarder Shaun White responds to letter from young Minnesota boy who shares the same type of heart condition why special gifts.


Baystate seeking Facebook feedback

Officials at Baystate Medical Center are working on ways to improve patient care at the region’s largest hospital, and they are using social…


GMO labeling battle heating up in Mass.

As proponents of labeling genetically engineered food make a pitch to require labels, the food industry argues it is an unnecessary move tha…

nbc e-cigarette

E-cigarettes: A safe way to quit?

Electronic cigarettes are quickly gaining popularity as a way to quit smoking, but the Food and Drug Administration says that their potentia…

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Poisonings can often occur accidentally

From putting the laundry bleach on the top shelf to locking up leftover paint cans in the shed, poison prevention steps like these can mean …