In this photo taken on July 8, 2014, Ebola advocacy group Crusaders for Peace, spokesperson Juli Endee, right, educates people on the deadly virus in Paynesville, east of the city Monrovia, Liberia. Ebola, a hemorrhagic fever that can cause its victims to bleed from the ears and nose, had never before been seen in this part of West Africa where medical clinics are few and far between. The disease has turned up in at least two other countries _ Liberia and Sierra Leone _ and 539 deaths have been attributed to the outbreak that is now the largest on record. (AP Photo/Jonathan Paye-Layleh)

Ebola Treatment Center


A look at how a typical Ebola treatment facility in West Africa is set up and some of the practices that health care workers use in treating…

UPS vs. Pregnant Driver

UPS vs. Pregnant Driver

Justices today are hearing the case of the pregnant UPS driver, Peggy Young, who was under doctors orders not to lift heavy packages.