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When the flu wiped out millions

The flu of 1918-1919 came toward the end of the First World War — which began a century ago this year — and it killed more people than die…

VA overhaul

Overhauling the V.A.

New Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald announces major changes aimed at improving medical services for veterans.

high tech scrubs

Scrubs go high-tech

New medical scrubs use copper ions to help prevent infection.

psychopath brains

Studying the criminal mind

The University of New Mexico is looking for differences in psychopathic minds using inmate volunteers.

detergent dangers

Detergent pod dangers

New research finds thousands of children have been exposed to toxic chemicals from laundry detergent pods since they were introduced.

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How to avoid Ebola quarantines

In 2014, we must evaluate laws, treatments and public health measures and adapt them to the times. We must ask if the ancient measure of qua…

Dr. Doug Stein performs a vasectomy on the first annual World Vasectomy Day in 2013.

Why we need World Vasectomy Day

From a medical perspective, a vasectomy is a simple procedure that takes about 15 minutes. And yet, even though modern techniques require ne…