Food labels are getting a makeover

Food labels are getting an update for the first time in 20 years. 22News explains how it’s good news for the calorie conscious shopper.

tsa line

Reducing the stress of TSA lines

This summer 220 million people are expected to travel through U.S. airports. Here are ways you can seek some mental relaxation.


Melanoma drug shows promise

Researchers say the drug Keytruda has been able to extend the lives of patients with advanced melanoma.

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Developing healthy eating habits

The secret to healthy eating may be easier than you think. Here’s a look at the science of making and breaking bad habits.


Avoiding the Summer itch

Poison ivy, oak and sumac and the itchy rashes they can cause are back in season.


Is sunscreen enough?

Consumer Reports finds many sunscreens don’t hold up to the claims on their SPF labels and shouldn’t be your only source for UV protection.