Akilah Monifa says she used to be a food addict. She ate a lot of junk food, snacked constantly and drank six to eight sodas a day.

She lost 222 pounds, became a foodie

Unlike with drugs or alcohol, where an addict can stop the behavior that they are addicted to, Akilah Monifa knew she couldn't stop eating. …


Hemp market may not be viable for years

Marijuana's square cousin, industrial hemp, has come out of the black market and is now legal for farmers to cultivate, opening up a new luc…

Erik Nivison is a producer for HLN's "In Session." He was diagnosed with Lyme disease last month after 2 years of symptoms

Untreated Lyme disease: 2 years of hell

At least once a week, my muscles start to twitch uncontrollably; they tighten so much my fingers turn into fists. I can feel my fingernails …

Despite their high fat and calorie content, nuts are better for you than diet sweets, experts say.

5 studies you may have missed

A real diet should not focus solely on how much fat or how many calories are in that food, the experts say. For instance, nuts are good for …


Are butter, cheese and meat that bad?

investigative reporter Nina Teicholz says the science condemning saturated fats just isn't there. Teicholz writes that the low-fat, fruit- a…

cnn good bad fats

Good fats vs. bad fats

With warmer weather upon us many are thinking about eating light and avoiding fattening foods, but not all fats are created equal.