Leno’s Farewell

Jay Leno discusses his departure as “Tonight Show” host.

Facebook turns 10

How has the premier social media site changed the world?

Video View: “Escape Plan”

A look at this week’s digital and DVD releases including the jailbreak film “Escape Plan.”

General images of the city of Sochi

Sochi isn’t your typical Winter Olympic site. Located on the eastern edge of the Black Sea, it is roughly on the same latitude as the south …

“The Invisible Woman”

First of all, “The Invisible Woman” is not a supernatural fantasy. This Invisible woman is the masterpiece theater style romantic epic about…

“Gimme Shelter”

Let me tell you, courageous movies tackling troubling social issues don’t come along too often.

Groundhog Day Quiz

How much do you know about the annual Feb. 2 custom?

Making music

Missouri teacher builds one-handed flute for student with disabilities.

Video View “Rush”

(NBC News) – Racing drama “Rush” is among the new Blu-ray and DVD releases arriving this week.

Ready to run!

DULUTH, Minnesota (KBJR) – Excitement; it’s a three syllable word that barely describes the mood at the start of the 30th annual John Beargr…

Going home with Grammy

(NBC News) Familiar faces, including the two surviving Beatles, dominated Sunday’s Grammy Awards performances, but the night’s big winners h…