"St. Vincent"

Bill Murray is no angel but he gives an exceptional performance in the role of “St. Vincent”.

31 Days of Halloween (Courtesy: Amanda Chapman Photography)

Photos: 31 Days of Halloween 2014

For the third year, Amanda Chapman shares her 31 different looks for Halloween this year. Whether it’s the makeup or the wig, it’s hard to b…

Hailey from Waterbury dressed as Elsa from Frozen. (WTNH/ Report It)

Most popular Halloween costumes for 2014

(WTNH)– When it comes to Halloween costumes this year, it’s the characters from Frozen who are leading with the country’s most popular look …



I’m telling you, there’s never been a more realistic war film than “Fury” with all the blood and mud necessary to reinforce that sense of re…


"The Best Of Me"

My advice is to get a good grip on your heartstrings, because Nicholas Sparks’ “The Best of Me” pulls out all the stops for control of your …

mouse and keyboard

Quiz: News in Review

How well did you pay attention to the news this week? Take our quiz to find out!