Magazine circulation down

Average magazine circulation fell in the latter of 2013, leaving many to wonder if magazines will soon be a thing of the past. Magazine indu…

symphony boy

Kid Composer

11 year-old North Dakota boy writes a symphony performed by the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra.

protect pics

Protect your pics

This Valentine's Day, internet security experts warn about the hazards of keeping intimate details on devices.


“The Monuments Men”

Now we know why Hollywood refused to release "The Monuments Men" as planned at the end of last year.

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Streaker disrupts NYC fashion show

There were opulent gongs, mood music and richly colored coats on Prabal Gurung's Himalayas-inspired runway Saturday at New York Fashion Week…


"That Awkward Moment"

Rated R 1 hour 35 minutes Zach Effron, Miles Teller, Imogen Poots, Michael B. Jordan Just a word of warning. When the sex comedy “That Awkwa…


Digitally recreating deceased celebrities

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death left a number of projects hanging in limbo including the third installment of "The Hunger Games." One o…