"The Voice"- One Last Shot

“The Voice”- One Last Shot

Four finalists take the stage for the last time on part one of “The Voice” season finale tonight on NBC.


“Exodus: Gods and Kings”

Try to picture the story of Moses as a lusty adventurer with the religious fervor or soaring music and the camera pointed toward the heavens…


“The Pyramid”

The holiday movie season usually means a slew of Oscar nominated films filling the silver screens of Western Massachusetts.

Golden Globes: Hollywood Shines

Golden Globes: Hollywood Shines

Top notch performances earn Golden Globe nominations for “Birdman”, “Cake”, and “The Imitation Game”.

"Exodus" - Ridley & Bale

“Exodus” – Ridley & Bale

Legendary director Ridley Scott and actor Christian Bale discuss their new Biblical epic “Exodus: Gods and Kings”.

FILE - In this July 2009 file picture , German-American game developer Ralph Baer shows the prototype of the first games console, invented by him during a press conference at the Games Convention Online in Leipzig, Germany. The video game pioneer who created both the precursor to "Pong" and the electronic memory game "Simon" has died. Ralph Baer also was leader of the team that developed the Magnavox Odyssey, the first home video game console. Baer, who was born in Germany and escaped the Holocaust with his family, was a longtime resident of Manchester, New Hampshire. The Goodwin Funeral Home confirmed Monday Dec. 8, 2014 that he died at his home Saturday. He was 92. (AP Photo/dpa,Jens Wolf,File)

Pioneer of video games, Simon dies at 92

Ralph Baer was a video game pioneer who created both the precursor to “Pong” and led the team that developed the first home video game conso…