“The Legend of Tarzan “

It’s the unmistakable law of the jungle. Cinematic villains often outshine the bland heroes.

“The Shallows”

Just when Blake Lively thought it was safe to go surfboarding, along comes “The Shallows,” the most intense shark thriller since “Jaws.”


You’d think that by this time, movie magic would help convey the essence of what it is to be a “Genius”.

“Maggie’s Plan”

“Maggie’s Plan” is the perfect example of a mediocre movie masquerading as smart and sophisticated.

“Central Intelligence”

Whoever thought of teaming up Kevin Hart with Dwayne Johnson had the right idea, but needed far more appeal than “Central Intelligence.”

“The Conjuring 2”

Whenever there’s a child possessed by demonic forces, you’ll find detectives providing us with a scary sequel that’s done with style and ima…

“The Lobster”

Just about everyone has an oddball friend who takes some getting used to, just like the screwball satire “The Lobster” has to be approached …

“Me Before You”

You’re about to discover that a tearful love story plucking away at your heartstrings can do you a world of good.

“Love & Friendship”

Let me tell you, if Jane Austen were alive today, she’d be applauding Kate Beckinsale’s performance as the scheming Lady Susan Vernon in “Lo…

“A Bigger Splash”

One thing I’ve learned: those lusty European directors certainly know how to make steam-heated thrillers that boil over with erotic intrigue…

“The Meddler”

There ought to be a presidential proclamation honoring Susan Sarandon as a national treasure.

“The Nice Guys”

What happens when two of the screen’s finest actors and I mean Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling play “The Nice Guys”?

“Sing Street”

Just when you thought there was nothing new or refreshing to tell about the magic of coming of age, Ireland springs a sweet surprise called …

“Money Monster”

Ever since Gordon Gekko of “Wall Street” fame first decided that greed is good, greed’s gotten even better in “Money Monster.”

“Captain America: Civil War”

We’ve learned by now that even superheroes have their limitations. Captain America and his Avengers crew may have overstepped themselves sav…

“Mother’s Day”

No one neighborhood ever contained as many clichéd marital problems ready to be resolved by the final fade out as you’ll find in “Mother’s D…

“Elvis & Nixon”

Most of us may not remember that day in 1970 when Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley made White House history playing a game of one-upsmanship.