When Spike Lee speaks out on troubling racial Issues, he does it with pungent satire along with a startling sense of purpose.

“In the Heart of the Sea”

Long before Captain Ahab went down with the ship in “Moby Dick”, there was a real life Whale of a tale that Inspired the Herman Melville cla…


Imagine, Christmas eve becoming the scariest night of the year. But only among dysfunctional families.


Only moviegoers as old as I am remember the Hollywood Blacklist, when actors and writers lost their jobs because of their political beliefs.


“Rocky” may be too old to lace up the gloves anymore, but the “Rocky” franchise still has plenty of fight left.


Saoirse Ronan gives a glittering performance as an Irish immigrant coming of age among the natives of “Brooklyn.”


Since the year 1976 “All The President’s Men” has been the gold standard for expose journalism.

“Secret In Their Eyes”

Whenever Hollywood remakes an Oscar winning foreign film, the picture often loses something in the translation.

“The 33”

It was just another day in the mine shaft for 33 Chilean miners, until tons of rock came down burying them for what must have seemed like an…

“Love The Coopers”

“Love The Coopers” could well be the sorriest excuse for an uplifting holiday film in Hollywood history.


Especially now during the holiday movie season, why do so many films leave you so disappointed?


It’s a pity James Bond’s entangled in a time warp between moving ahead and looking back to accommodate different generations of fans.

“Our Brand is Crisis”

An American running a presidential campaign in Bolivia can challenge the sharpest political operatives, and they don’t come anymore ruthless…


We’ve seen too many movies about arrogant Primadonnas who cause their own downfall and then try to redeem themselves with a spectacular come…

“Rock the Kasbah”

It took a lot of misguided courage to build a comedy around the Taliban’s oppression of women.


The picture’s set several years before gay marriage. Moore and Ellen Page can only rely on being recognized as domestic partners.

“Crimson Peak”

A Gothic thriller about a creepy Victorian mansion filled with sinister secrets.

“Bridge of Spies”

Steven Spielberg tears a page out of cold war history and turns “Bridge of Spies” into a spellbinding thriller.

“99 Homes”

Finally, a movie with enough guts to expose the corrupt system of having helpless families kicked out of their homes.

“The Walk”

Sometimes an obsession can make us do something really risky.