“Rules Don’t Apply”

The tragic Howard Hughes saga remains fair game for any ambitious actor looking to give a larger than life, flamboyant performance.

“The Edge of Seventeen”

If you’ve been waiting as long as I have for the most wonderful coming of age comedy in ages, you’ll be as thrilled as I am with “The Edge o…


Whenever Aliens come calling, they’re either invading earth with bad intentions or they’re talking us to death in a language one understands…

“Almost Christmas”

It’s family friction season when the clans gather for the holidays to stuff themselves and open old wounds

“Dr. Strange”

The great English actor, Benedict Cumberbatch compromises his classic accent, as well as the quality of his acting to play the Marvel comic …

“Hacksaw Ridge”

The holiday season’s hardly the time you’d expect one of the greatest, most violent war movies.


I thought I was the only one who found “Inferno” a picture of confusion, until I saw everyone else scratching their heads.

“Ouija: Origin of Evil”

Just in time for Halloween, demonic drivel that only an Exorcist could love. A fortune teller’s child is possessed with evil spirits. What a…


Don’t deny yourself this truly outstanding motion picture.

“Keeping Up With the Joneses”

Suburbia’s supposedly the place where social climbers stay up late dreaming up schemes just to “Keep up with the Joneses”

“The Accountant”

Let’s be honest! How many movie goers would get excited about watching a mathematical genius suffering from Autism?

“Birth of a Nation”

Nat Turner became a man of God but only in so far as it benefited the plantation owners, an uncouth band of self-righteous hypocrites desper…

“Deepwater Horizon”

“Deepwater Horizon”, a fearsome spectacular with a social conscience. Incompetent company executives refuse to face facts about an endangere…


“Masterminds” should have us rolling in the aisle, instead of squirming our seat

“The Magnificent Seven”

When seven mercenaries ride the vengeance trail re-living one of Hollywood’s most beloved westerns, I held my breath hoping they honored the…

“Bridget Jones’s Baby”

Renee Zellwegger ‘s character figures it’s time she had a baby, but which of her two lovers happens to be the father?


Oliver Stone’s again uncovering conspiracies behind every dark corner. “Snowden” takes us into the super snooping operations of the CIA and …