“Going in Style”

The gang that couldn’t shoot straight had nothing on our three bank robbing retirees who are definitely “Going in Style”.

“Ghost in the Shell”

“Ghost in the Shell” is nothing more than an emotional dud with dazzling visual effects.

“The Last Word”

Shirley MacLaine became a movie star sixty years ago, and she’s still going strong


Woody Harrelson has finally landed the role of a lifetime, and does he ever make the most of it.


Life” takes us on a wild survival ride, and always with an underlying sense of menace

“Beauty and the Beast”

There’s nothing more family friendly than embellishing a classic fairy tale with spectacular production values

“Before I Fall”

It’s a perplexing and frightening predicament that generates the excitement in the intriguing teenage melodrama “Before I Fall.”

“Kong: Skull Island”

Brie Larson’s one of the many familiar faces on a mysterious expedition to Kong’s habitat on Skull Island.

“A United Kingdom”

Seventy years ago the inter-racial marriage between a British woman and an African king threatened to tear the commonwealth apart.

“Bitter Harvest”

According to this more than slightly romanticized history lesson, a sensitive artist became the Ukraine’s greatest hero

“Get Out”

You know how nervous it makes a guy feel when he meets his girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

“A Cure For Wellness”

“A Cure For Wellness” is so over the top, you’ve got to admire its audacity

“Fifty Shades Darker”

America’s kinkiest billionaire polishes his chains for another round of romance in “Fifty Shades Darker.”


In this age of fast paced movies that hardly give you time to think, it’s such a pleasure to find “Paterson.”

“The Space Between Us”

No two teenagers were more meant for each other than the feisty misfit and the boy from Mars.

“The Comedian”

As “The Comedian,” Robert De Niro’s humor is inspired by his angry, embittered nature.