“Patriots Day”

Director Peter Berg was in no mood to soft pedal the atrocities committed by fanatics

“Live By Night”

It’s unfair to moviegoers when stars write their own script making themselves look good with their survival skills.

“Hidden Figures”

Who knew that segregation played a role in delaying America’s success in the space race with the Russians in the early 1960’s?

“La La Land”

To return to those glorious Hollywood romantic musicals of yesteryear, when young lovers would literally sweep each other off their feet


Think of a force of nature blasting across the screen like an erupting volcano, and that’s how you’ll feel about “Fences”.


Natalie Portman proved her greatness by winning an Oscar for her amazing performance in “Black Swan” a few years ago.

“Why Him?”

It’s the lament of every protective father confronted with the love of his daughter’s life: “Why Him?”


Traveling to a far off Utopian planet can be a hazardous journey, especially when you’re supposed to be hibernating for a really long trip.

“Collateral Beauty”

This happens every year. Among the crop of highly touted holiday films, there’s bound to be one stinker. And this year’s Lemon is called “Co…

“Nocturnal Animals”

Writer-director Tom Ford must have had pleasing me in mind when he made “Nocturnal Animals.”

“Miss Sloane”

The great Jessica Chastain is so terrific in the role of Washington’s most ruthless lobbyist.

“Office Christmas Party”

Remember when Hollywood celebrated the holiday season in style with “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Going My Way”?

“Bad Santa 2”

As the world’s most cynical Santa, Billy Bob Thornton never lets bad taste get in the way of a good laugh in “Bad Santa 2”.


I tell you, those good ole boy southern bigots sure loved their segregation laws in the 1950s, ruthlessly and mercilessly hounding an interr…

“Rules Don’t Apply”

The tragic Howard Hughes saga remains fair game for any ambitious actor looking to give a larger than life, flamboyant performance.

“The Edge of Seventeen”

If you’ve been waiting as long as I have for the most wonderful coming of age comedy in ages, you’ll be as thrilled as I am with “The Edge o…


Whenever Aliens come calling, they’re either invading earth with bad intentions or they’re talking us to death in a language one understands…

“Almost Christmas”

It’s family friction season when the clans gather for the holidays to stuff themselves and open old wounds