“The Magnificent Seven”

When seven mercenaries ride the vengeance trail re-living one of Hollywood’s most beloved westerns, I held my breath hoping they honored the…

“Bridget Jones’s Baby”

Renee Zellwegger ‘s character figures it’s time she had a baby, but which of her two lovers happens to be the father?


Oliver Stone’s again uncovering conspiracies behind every dark corner. “Snowden” takes us into the super snooping operations of the CIA and …

“When The Bough Breaks”

In this latest re-incarnation, called “When the Bough Breaks”, hell hath no fury like a lunatic surrogate mom with an eye for daddy.


Clint Eastwood exquisitely recreates “the miracle on the Hudson”, when airline Captain Chesley Sullenberger made his dramatic life or death …


Since we all know that no self-respecting millennial would dare see a movie about mere mortals, the studio decided to dream up “Morgan.”

“The Light Between Oceans”

Your insides will ache as lovers Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander discover the most passionate love, while wrestling with a moral cris…

“Don’t Breathe”

Three young punks think they’ll have it easy invading the home of a blind victim who winds up terrorizing the intruders

“Hell or High Water”

If you’re thinking that “Hell or High Water” is just another mindless good ole boys on a bank robbery spree, you’re in for a pleasant surpri…

“War Dogs”

“War Dogs” tells the cynical true story of an unscrupulous arms dealer a few years ago.


If you’re going to remake one of Hollywood’s most honored films, at least make certain the new one is something special.


Operation “Anthropoid” remains one of the great mysteries of World War II.


I can’t remember the uncertainties of coming-of-age ever reaching the screen with more insight and more power than “Indignation.”


It’s only right that a thriller about teenagers using their smart phones to live dangerously should be called “Nerve”

“Suicide Squad”

I’m afraid those misguided millennial movie-goers are attracted to another Lemon.

“Captain Fantastic”

Take my word, films depicting family togetherness can’t possibly warm your heart more deeply than “Captain Fantastic.”

“Café Society”

“Café Society” is a trip back in time to Hollywood’s golden age of the 1930s, when a naïve young man from Brooklyn came of age.

“Jason Bourne”

The latest Matt Damon adventure depends more on high speed daredevil- driving than on a well-crafted, satisfying story.

“Lights Out”

Sometimes it’s better for your nervous system to run up a sizable electric bill.


Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and those other equal opportunity “Ghostbusters” make the after-life miserable.