“It Comes At Night”

Try to imagine a shocker rooted in reality that’s got nothing to do with the supernatural.

“The Mummy”

Tom Cruise stars in the latest adaptation of “The Mummy,” a film that should have been left to rot.

“Megan Leavey”

You’d swear that “Megan Leavey” was plucked from the old heartwarming Hollywood handbook of a girl bonding with her dog.

“Wonder Woman”

Now we know the real story how “Wonder Woman” prevented a diabolical catastrophe during World War One.


Even Dwayne Johnson couldn’t save “Baywatch” from sinking to the bottom of the ocean…


Some people have absolutely no shame pursuing their pipe dreams with impunity.

“Alien: Covenant”

Outer space is one scary place for the interstellar explorers of Director Ridley Scott’s vivid imagination.


For a so called comedy claiming it aims for a female audience, did this tasteless mess really need to be so sexist?

“Their Finest”

“Their Finest” is one of those rare films that seems to get better as it goes along.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

Sequels are rarely better than their predecessors, but “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” is, without a doubt, one of those rare exceptions.

“The Circle”

If you think the smartphone generation’s addicted to their devices now just wait until young people fall in line with “The Circle”.

“Free Fire”

You’ll come for the action and stay for the message, because “Free Fire” is more than just a shoot ’em up action flick.

“The Lost City of Z”

Unless you knew better, you’d swear the title “The Lost City of Z” referred to some frivolous fantasy. How wrong you’d be.


If “Unforgettable” isn’t the worst movie of the year, it’s only because “Fifty Shades of Grey” will have another sequel coming out.

“T2 Trainspotting”

“T2 Trainspotting” is a long awaited, satisfying sequel for fans who loved the original.


“Gifted” raises real life questions and even takes a stab at providing the answers.