“Logan Lucky”

When two brotherly Buffoons plot to pull the heist of the century, we’re in for an inspired, sweet natured crime comedy called “Logan Lucky”…

“Wind River”

It’s a grim world for Native Americans in the ice covered mountains of Wyoming

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard”

Even the most insatiable action fans will find it tough tolerating too much of what’s perceived as a good thing in “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”.

“Annabelle: Creation”

Horror films these days have so little imagination. “Annabelle: Creation” is the typical mix of demonic possession.

“The Glass Castle”

It’s so good to see Brie Larson finally getting the roles befitting her Oscar winning dramatic talent.


Halle Berry takes us on a wild ride that keeps us on edge most of the way.


Some movies too painful to watch carry a message too important to overlook.

“Lady Macbeth”

This is a dark and brooding account of how a desperate woman trapped in a loveless marriage leveled her own playing field.

“Atomic Blonde”

The cold war, just prior to the Berlin wall coming down in 1989 provides the over-heated backdrop to the terribly titled “Atomic Blonde”.

“The Big Sick”

If you’re looking for a tender, touching and terrifically amusing true life comedy, nothing else comes close to “The Big Sick”.

“Wish Upon”

Beware of watered down horror films that carry a PG-13 rating. They’re liable to turn out as disappointing as “Wish Upon”.

“The Beguiled”

Would you believe? It’s taken the re-make of Clint Eastwood’s moody thriller, “The Beguiled”, all of 45 years to reach the screen.

“The House”

While watching “The House,” it will become painfully apparent you’re watching one of the flimsiest comedies of this generation.

“Baby Driver”

“Baby Driver” is a stylish crowd pleaser that guns its motor towards its destination of becoming a modern day crime classic.

“Beatriz at Dinner”

The intense, conflict-filled dialogue between Salma Hayek and John Lithgow in “Beatriz at Dinner” will leave you hungry for more.

“Paris Can Wait”

“Paris Can Wait” keeps you guessing with a great deal of charm, just like all films with that French touch.

“The Book of Henry”

“The Book of Henry” is independent cinema at its finest, inflicting pain as it makes a statement.

“Rough Night”

Jillian Bell must have thought “Rough Night” would be her ticket to becoming the next Melissa McCarthy, but “Rough Night” is no “Bridesmaids…