There’s no sugar coating those dangerous days of 1971 when the British were an unwelcome occupying force in Northern Ireland.

“Get Hard”

Let’s celebrate the birth of this year’s funniest odd couple comedy team, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.

“The Lazarus Effect”

Bringing loved one’s back from the dead has always been risky business. Just ask Dr. Frankenstein.


There’s nothing like watching a charismatic con man at work. All the tricks to keep you entertained without asking too many questions.

"Still Alice"

You’ll find as few absolute assurances in life as the certainty of Julianne Moore winning the Oscar for her magnificent performance in “Stil…

"The Loft"

And now let’s open the envelope for the most meaningless movie of the month.

"A Most Violent Year"

The American dream never came at a higher price than it does in “A Most Violent Year”.