“The Witch”

For someone whose not really all that crazy about horror films, how come “The Witch” provided me with such a creepy experience?

“How To Be Single”

Since commitment is much too serious a subject during happy hour, Millennials would much rather learn the rules of “How to be Single”.

“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”

As Jane Austin rolls over in her grave, she’s obviously asking, ‘what are those Zombies doing in my “Pride and Prejudice”?’

“The Choice”

By now we know that Nicholas Sparks’ tearjerkers are always good for at least one emotional twitch.

“Hail, Caesar!”

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the Hollywood studio system of the 1950s, the Coen brothers’ “Hail, Caesar!” will still charm and delight you…

“Jane Got A Gun”

What a mistake Hollywood made during its golden age of westerns, intentionally downplaying the role of frontier women.

“The Finest Hours”

If this mild Western Massachusetts weather’s gotten you down, you can always experience the bone chilling conditions in “The Finest Hours.”

“Dirty Grandpa”

Out of respect for Robert DeNiro’s dozens of memorable performances, we’ll cut DeNiro some slack for his role as “Dirty Grandpa.”

“The Boy”

I was so disappointed when “The Boy”, a potentially clever psychological thriller cheapened Itself Into just another run of the mill shocker…

“The 5th Wave”

It’s the ultimate millennial turn-on. The spunky teenage girl and her drooling boyfriend saving the world from catastrophe.

“Ride Along 2”

Whoever coined the term “same old, same old,” must have been inspired by “Ride Along 2.”

“The Forest”

Demons of the dead have finally given up on musty haunted houses. Instead, they now gravitate to a Japanese forest at the foot of Mount Fuji…

“The Hateful Eight”

Quentin Tarantino has unleashed his creative magic with the bloody and bizarre “The Hateful Eight.”


Will Smith tackles the National football League’s culture of dangerous head injuries in the frequently hard hitting docu-drama “Concussion”.


Nobody plays a determined woman with more fire and fury than Jennifer Lawrence in the quirky comedy drama, “Joy”.


Back in the early 1950s, same sex romance was considered taboo. That intolerant time is the setting for the sensitive love story, “Carol”.

“Daddy’s Home”

It doesn’t take too much to intimidate Will Ferrell in “Daddy’s Home”.

“The Big Short”

When the fictional “Wall Street” crook, Gordon Gecko told the world that greed is good, the real life Wall Street bankers got the message.


When Amy Poehler and Tina Fey discover they’re really needy adolescents at heart, we’re in for a knockdown, drag out raunchy good time.


When Spike Lee speaks out on troubling racial Issues, he does it with pungent satire along with a startling sense of purpose.