“Magic Mike XXL”

Just suppose for a moment that someone made a movie glorifying the guys who gaze at exotic dancers all night? But I guess it’s okay to build…

“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

Just hearing the title “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”, it’s obvious you’d better prepare for a deeply emotional experience.

“Ted 2”

Where would Hollywood be, without filling the summer with disappointing sequels?


Here’s the dope on that hilariously delightful coming of age satire that just happens to be called “Dope”

“Jurassic World”

Here’s to bigger and better and more ferocious Dinosaurs. And whenever the Pentagon requires a new secret weapon genetically modified hybrid…

“Love and Mercy”

You know something? If the Beach Boys musical genius Brian Wilson didn’t have severe emotional problems, there’d be no dramatic excitement t…

“Insidious Chapter 3”

It’s Insidious the way cheesy horror films keep creeping their way into the summer movie scene.


The search continues for Melissa McCarthy’s funniest big screen persona to match her glorious coming out party in “Bridesmaids”.


Something tells me that fans of the HBO comedy series “Entourage” will feel right at home with “Entourage” on the big screen.


I’m shocked! You can still find a warm and charming romantic drama even during this superhero season.

“Far From The Madding Crowd”

The story of the 21st century woman out of place in the 1800s has always made “Far From the Madding Crowd” so fascinating.


Anyone who is stupid enough to move into a house built over a cemetery, just might be misguided enough to want to see this pathetic new vers…

“Pitch Perfect 2”

The Barden College Bellas still sing up a storm in the very agreeable sequel, “Pitch Perfect 2”.

“Mad Max: Fury Road”

“Mad Max” is back with a fury. George Miller, the original “Mad Max” director of 35 years ago, tops all of his previous futuristic wasteland…

“Hot Pursuit”

I know what you’re thinking… please, no, not another cross country chase comedy thriller involving a looney tunes cop protecting a witness…

“Avengers: Age of Ultron”

I just woke up from a frightening nightmare. I dreamed everyone in the Motion Picture Academy is 18 years old, and they just awarded the Osc…


Can a computer geek and an artificially intelligent Robot share their emotions in a sexy sort of way?

“Furious 7”

Rated PG-13 2 hours 20 minutes Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham Where else can you see a muscle ca…