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Russia Investigation: Family Ties?

One of the President Trump’s closets advisers-his son in law Jared Kushne, is under scrutiny by the FBI as part of its Russia investigation.

Quiz: News in Review

How well did you pay attention to the news this week? Take our quiz to find out!

Talking tattoos

It’s a new trend with a new twist on tattoos. A company has developed tattoos that include a sound track.

DWI mom busted by Good Samaritan

A New Mexico mom is arrested after she is caught drunk driving with four kids in the car and it’s all thanks to a good Samaritan.

Service dog turned away

An Illinois Veteran says a store refused to allow him to bring his service dog into the store and he has the tape to prove it.

Red Nose Day Returns

Tonight’s “Red Nose Day” telethon raises money to assist children in poverty around the world.

Smaller cars, greater risk

Latest Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study finds smaller cars have the highest driver death rates.

Trumponomics – Not an easy sell

President Trump’s budget director is trying to sell his budget to Congress, but lawmakers aren’t buying it, yet.