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Power and Reach of 22News and

22News has been the #1 television source for news and information in western Massachusetts for over 60 years. And, broadcast web site in western Massachusetts, delivering over 12 million page views and 1.2 million unique visitors each month on our desktop, mobile web and app platforms.

Reaching the right audience

  • On average adults spent over 168 minutes a day online, second only to television.
  • The heaviest users of the internet represent the most attractive cross-section of buying demography.
  • The second highest percentage of adults learned about new products from the internet… second to television.
  • Half of adults in all markets have been to broadcast property websites.
  • That’s why using the combined Power and Reach of 22News and to advertise your business works!

To learn how to advertise your business on-air and on-line, please call Brenda McGiverin at (413) 377-2034 or email:

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